Frequent Furnace Issues
You need to closely monitor your furnace especially if it starts to struggle with keeping up with your home’s heating requirements. In most cases, small issues can be fixed without the need for costly repairs. More importantly, you get to minimize the risk of having to replace your furnace in the most inopportune time. Read on below to learn more about some of the common furnace issues you should be on the lookout for:  Mosartic HVAC Pros for more details

Going On And Off Repeatedly

It is highly likely that your furnace is struggling with completing a full heating cycle, with the system cutting off repeatedly, if it keeps shutting down before restarting. A dirty heat sensor and failing fan motor are among the many reasons why your furnace might be repeatedly cutting off.

Flame Changes Color

Closely observe the flame as you fire up your furnace. (This can be done without opening the service door by using the peepholes built into some of the models out there)

A yellow colored flame, which points to incomplete combustion of the gas, is mainly caused by a dirty burner. In addition to producing of CO (Carbon Monoxide) that may not be ejected from your home completely, your furnace will also not be able to heat up to the expected temperature.

The Flue Has Rust

A rusty flue may also point to the presence of CO that is not properly vented outside. It is also dangerous to have leaky plumbing or roof causing corrosion and the buildup of rust on the flue system. Your furnace’s flue system is designed to direct the dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, produced after the burning of fuel in gas furnaces away from your house. The CO that should be vented outside may end up leaking back into your house if the flue lines become rusted through. 

Accumulation Of Moisture

Your house may not be getting the right amount of air flowing through it if you see any moisture build up on the windows, walls or ceilings in various rooms. There might be a problem in the furnace or vents if you find that the air in your home feels damp or is not moving.  

Unexplained Increases In Your Utility Costs

Your utility bills may rise due to a number of different reasons. Your furnace may be forced to work harder than normal during periods of high temperature fluctuations; however, you should be highly concerned if the furnace appears to be struggling to keep up with your home’s heating and cooling requirements even during periods of moderate temperatures. Your furnace may be forced to work harder than normal if it is not getting enough airflow due to a dirty filter; as such, start by checking this component if you spot this issue. 

Water Pooling Around The Furnace

The fact that you need to investigate any case of water pooling around your furnace is a no brainer. Identifying the source of the water should be the first course of action. It is highly likely that you have a leaky or clogged water condensate pipe if the leak is only seen when your home’s air conditioning system is running; if this is the case, fixing it is easy. But, you might have to call in a professional if the water is coming from the furnace or only appears while the heating cycle is taking place, as it points to a more serious underlying cause.   

Signs Of Animal Damage

Your home’s mechanical systems can be severely damaged by squirrels, rats, mice and other rodents. You should conduct a full system inspection, mainly looking for clogs or chewed cables in the vents, if you spot any signs of animal droppings or materials used in making nests anywhere around your furnace. Any signs of animal activity close to vent hoods should also be investigated in the same manner.

Signs Of Ageing

After about two decades of operation, furnaces usually start to fall apart. You can get more efficiency from newer furnaces. Instead of having to suffer the inconvenience of making an emergency replacement during winter it is better to do it in your own time. 

Having To Adjust The Thermostat Constantly

You should have the thermostat and furnace inspected by a professional if you find that you and other members of your family have to keeping fiddling with the thermostat just to maintain the perfect indoor temperature. 

Regular Repairs

Over the course of its useful life, every furnace requires regular maintenance. However, if the repairs become to frequent, this should be taken as a major sign of serious issues. You should expect major problems in the years to come if your furnace has had numerous breakdowns in the last couple of years. 

Cold Spots In Your House

Chances are that your furnace is struggling with meeting your home’s heating requirements or is too weak to circulate warm air throughout your home’s vent system, if you find that some rooms or spaces in the house are not as warm as others.

Weird Noises

It is normal for furnaces to produce some noises when working. However, the mechanical components might be failing or loose, if the system appears to be noisier than normal. It is recommended that you have it tuned up as soon as possible.

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